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Gaming, Without the Extra Baggage

Main Quest Gaming is an answer, and hopefully an antidote to the toxicity that has sadly sprung up in and around our favorite hobby over the past few years. 

While we undoubtedly all live in a complex and often cruel real world, here at Main Quest Gaming we believe that video games have always been and should remain avenues of escape and respite from the multitudes of issues that we all have to confront every day. For if our past-time becomes as contentious as our productive hours, what are we left with?

We hope that you'll join our community, and we warmly welcome every gamer, of every age, identity and belief system. We do not and will not allow for speech or actions that divide us; rather, we choose to celebrate all that videogames do to bring us together.

We're so happy that you've stopped by, and we hope you'll be tempted to stay awhile.

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